Challenges of consolidating democracy in ghana romance and dating sites

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Challenges of consolidating democracy in ghana

We should therefore declare in advance that the expected outcomes of building the unity and cohesion of COSATU will include working to build a COSATU with the following features as adopted by our various congresses: 1.

COSATU should increase its size substantially, becoming a home for all working people, black and white workers. We should build a powerful organisation in all workplaces and sectors, able to defend workers rights, bargain for better wages and benefits, improve working conditions and the quality of working life, struggle for workplace democracy and service the needs of workers and shop stewards effectively. We should build the federation and its affiliates as fighting organisations with efficient structures, led by effective, assertive and coherent leadership. We should build dynamic, democratic, vibrant organisation which empowers its members to be active as workers, as trade unions members, and as citizens. We need to develop the internal practices and goals that ensure our staff is skilled and committed, proud and happy to be trade unionists. COSATU and its affiliates should become a home for working women, with many women leaders and staff, demonstrating in practice its ability to improve the working life of women. We should rebuild a powerful working class movement, entailing a strong organisational relationship with an ANC which is biased towards the working class, working closer with the SACP as the vanguard of the working class as well as alliances with other social movements, NGOs, faith based organisation, intellectuals and the progressive student- movement , etc. COSATU should asset and retain its independence while building alliances. Democracy is a tremendous historical victory for the working class.

In the course of writing this document we have received reports attributed to the unions who are still boycotting the CEC, working together with the expelled union and a dismissed former leader of COSATU that they were having a plan to undermine the Special National Congress by using the SACCAWU, SAFPU, SASAWU and FAWU delegates to the Special National Congress to force through a demand of adding other agenda items which were not part of the request for the Special National Congress.

They have also declared that a new federation will be born on the same date of COSATU holding its Special National Congress.

But because the state and its political and repressive apparatus is an instrument of the dominant economic classes, it is impossible for trade unions in any part of the world to keep out of the broader political conflict - Joe Slovo 1.

To fulfil its purpose, it must be as broad as possible and fight to maintain its legal status.The focus of this Special National Congress is about maintaining the unity of COSATU and the integrity of the organisation as a cohesive force in society.Workers in South Africa are strongest and best served when organised under a united COSATU.It is worth noting that this Special National Congress is taking place four months before the convening of the ordinary Congress.This explains why the discussions in the Special National Congress is different from that of an ordinary National Congress This draft discussion document has been prepared under the dark cloud of plans by some within and outside of the federation to undermine it as part of undermining the Special National Congress as a whole.

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Expected outcomes from achieving the Unity of the Federation It is very important to clarify what kind of unity we are seeking in our class struggle.....

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