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As with the engaging of the new under-matrons, she jumped at this opportunity to help.They ordered simple pasta starters and both chose the risotto for the main course.He had booked the table in his family name of Truman.He had even gone to the trouble of withdrawing cash to pay for the meal, so that he would not have to produce a cheque bearing the name Earl of Guildford and risk the bowing and scraping in which that usually resulted. Rupert made no mention of his real purpose in taking her out.

In the taxi, he asked her about the standard of the meals provided to the boys.

He could have used the Rolls Royce and the estate's chauffeur, but that would also have been a mistake.

They travelled to London by train (second class) and took a taxi from Waterloo Station to the restaurant.

She had, not for the first time, been amazed at his prescience.

Now, he was explaining his wish to recruit at least two more girls to act as her under-matrons.

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The first year boys are only eight years old, for goodness sake.