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Who is alexander skarsgard dating november 2016

Hogg held his hand over the victim's mouth and told him 'if you tell anyone I'll kill you' - and then gave the boy £5 as hush money.A second male, 14, was also indecently assaulted by Hogg on a separate occasion between 19.Detective Constable Chris Hogg, 49, arriving at Sheffield Crown Court on Monday with his wife.The court heard he held his hand over one of the victim's mouths and told him 'if you tell anyone I'll kill you'Sheffield Crown Court heard Hogg was a teenager when he appeared in the boy's bedroom and said 'You do me and I'll do you' in a village near Scarborough one evening between May 1982 and September 1983.Keeping the old Hollywood vibe translates for every kind of man.

There are a lot of incidents in my life which I have forgotten over the years, but this was not one of them.'He told me he'd kill me if I told anyone and gave me some money - about £5.

Heartthrob Henry Winkler played the leather-jacketed super-cool hero Arthur Fonzarelli -The Fonz - in the 1950s-set High School comedy.

The first victim, now 44, said he never forgot Hogg because 'he looked like Fonzie from Happy Days with all his hair greased back'.

Action adventure, starring Lewis Collins and Lee Van Cleef. Director: Antonio Margheriti Cast List: Major Colby : Lewis Collins Col Mazzarini : Lee Van Cleef Henry Carlson : Donald Pleasence Mason/Hiccock : Manfred Lehmann Mc Pherson : Brett Halsey Ling : Chat Silayan Gutierrez : Hans Leutenegger Frank Williams : Christian Bruckner Father Christmas's ne'er-do-well son finds himself in hot water when he lands in jail - just as he is supposed to be mastering the art of delivering presents to wide-eyed youngsters around the world.

Comedy, starring Nick Stabile, Judd Nelson, Lauren Holly and George Wallace.

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A police officer jailed for two-and-half years for abusing children was caught because he looked like the Fonz from hit TV show Happy Days.